Play Fingerstyle Guitar Now!

Play Fingerstyle Guitar Now!

Play Fingerstyle Guitar Now! is the essential course that teaches you to play Fingerstyle Guitar in the style of Sungha Jung.

The course comes with high quality video lessons with clear and concise explanations.

Along with video access to this course, you will have access to the following:

  •  An Ebook version of the course in PDF format
  •  Transcriptions in standard notation and tablature of the musical examples

See below for the course outline.

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Module 1. Basic Fingerstyle Guitar Technique

Course Introduction

Introduction and prerequisites to the course Play Fingerstyle Guitar Now!

Lesson 1. Basic Fretting Hand Position

How to place the fingers of the left hand effectively for fingerstyle guitar.

Lesson 2. Basic Plucking Hand Position

A complete introduction to finger picking technique for fingerstyle guitar.

Module 2. Reading and Writing Music

Lesson 3. Beats and Time Signatures

In this lesson we will learn how beats are organized and what the time signature tells us.

Lesson 4. How To Read Tablature

Guitar tablature is written on a six-line staff. Here are tips on how to master it.

Module 3. Playing Fingerstyle Songs

Lesson 5. Playing Arpeggios and Individual Notes

You will master the arpeggio in this lesson, which is an essential technique in Fingerstyle Guitar.

Lesson 6. Left Hand Shifting and Position Changes

We are going to learn how to move the hand laterally along the neck of the guitar. This is called shifting or changing positions.

Lesson 7. Fingerstyle Chord Melody Arrangements

Now that you have mastered the technical aspects of playing fingerstyle guitar, let's put all the techniques together to play a real song.

Module 4. Essential Fingerstyle Guitar Technique

Lesson 8. Barre Chords

An effective barre is an essential part of fingerstyle technique, so that you can play more advanced chords.

Lesson 9. Hammer-on, Pull-off and slides

Hammer ons, Pull-offs and slides are essential to add a bluesy feeling to fingerstyle guitar arrangements. They can also allow you more options in your fingerings.

Module 5. Percussive Techniques

Lesson 10. Basic Guitar Percussion

This lesson will show you how to add thumb slaps to your arrangement.

Lesson 11. Creating a Fingerstyle Arrangement With Percussion

In this lesson we will create a Fingerstyle Guitar arrangement from a melody and add a percussive back beat.

Lesson 12. More Elaborate Guitar Percussion

This lesson explores more complex rhythmic percussive effects derived from drum rudiments. We will also create a slap bass style lick.

Module 6. Advanced Guitar Technique

Lesson 13. Rasgueado and Strumming

Rasgueado or strumming with the fingers is an essential fingerstyle technique borrowed from Spanish Flamenco guitar.

Lesson 14. Tapping

This is an essential lesson to mastering tapping notes, with both the fretting and the plucking hand.

Lesson 15. Harmonics

In this lesson we will cover all types of guitar harmonics, from natural and slap to cascading harmonics

Lesson 16. Palm Muting

This lesson will show how to effectively perform palm muting when playing fingerstyle guitar.

Conclusion to the course Play Fingerstyle Guitar Now!

Conclusion - Play Fingerstyle Guitar Now!

Conclusion to the course Play Fingerstyle Guitar Now!
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