Introducing the Complete Fingerstyle Guitar Course That Will 10x Your Guitar Playing

What if you could play Fingerstyle Guitar like a Youtube Star? You would be able to create and play awesome versions of your favourite songs on guitar with ease.

This course gives you the keys to mastering all the essential skills you need to master fingerstyle guitar.

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You Need to Master These Skills to Become Proficient

Let's go over some common reasons why you can get stuck:

  •  Your right hand technique isn't correct. This makes playing repeated notes or fast arpeggios really hard!
  •  You haven't learned an advanced technique, like harmonics or rasgueado, that you need to learn a song.
  •  Your playing doesn't sound clear, clean, or loud enough. 
  •  You have trouble playing a certain passage quickly or getting it to sound clean. 

Master the Key Concepts and You Will Improve 10 X

I want to help you identify these common problems and master playing fingerstyle guitar. This is why I created the course Play Fingerstyle Guitar Now!

The course grew out of a need to help fingerstyle guitarists play songs by Youtube stars like Sungha Jung and Eddie Van Der Meer.

Your Teacher - Brett Vachon

I have always been passionate about sharing my love for the instrument with others. My dedication to playing guitar began at a young age, when I first picked up a classical guitar at the age of 8.

After graduating high school I decided to pursue my passion for music by studying Guitar Performance at the University of Montreal. I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Guitar Performance, and have since been dedicated to teaching guitar to students of all levels.

Whether it's through one-on-one lessons or group classes, my goal is always to help you understand the intricacies of fingerstyle guitar and develop your own unique playing style. 

Bro your channel and content is more than valuable for me than anything you helped me a lot you are gold man

 Ronnie D.

Your tutorials are awesome 🤘🤘


Will you benefit from this course?

In Play Fingerstyle Guitar Now! you will learn exactly all the skills that you need to play Fingerstyle songs. I have created exercises and songs that show how to build up your skill set.

More importantly, you'll learn how to recognize bad habits in the first place so you don't get "stuck".

If you are self-taught, this course will help you by covering all the basic techniques.

What you will learn in the course

This course aims to be a comprehensive guide to learning to play Fingerstyle Guitar.

In this course you will learn the following:

  •  Basic Left Hand and Right Hand technique
  •  How rhythm and meter works
  •  How to read tablature
  •  How to create fingerstyle arrangements
  •  Basic and more advanced guitar percussion
  •  Essential, more advanced fingerstyle techniques

I start with the basics, to make sure that you haven't missed anything in your learning.

Next I progress quickly into learning real fingerstyle chord melody arrangements, to get the ball rolling.

Finally you will learn the advanced techniques that you need to know to play Fingerstyle songs.

How Do I Know if This Is Legit?

My name is Brett Vachon and I have helped thousands of guitarists on Youtube learn fingerstyle songs and arrangements through my tutorials. My teaching includes explaining in clear terms exactly what you need to accomplish to play a song.

Course Structured for Maximum Clarity

The course is broken down into Five Modules.

  •  In Module 1 you will learn the basics of Left and Right hand technique.
  •  In Module 2 you will understand how music and tablatures are written.
  •  In Module 3 you will go beyond basic guitar technique and start playing easy songs.
  •  In Module 4 you will learn essential fingerstyle technique and my personal tips to master them.
  •  In Module 5 you will learn about percussive techniques.
  •  And in Module 6 you will master more advanced guitar skills like harmonics, tapping and rasgueado.

Plus, You Will Get the Following...

After signing up for the course you will also have access to bonus documents. You will get:

  •  A transcription of the entire course as an Ebook in PDF format
  •  Tab transcriptions of all the examples included in the Ebook

You will also be able to test your knowledge after each lesson with multiple choice questions to make sure you understand the course material.

Here Are Some Answers To Your Questions

 How is the course different from Youtube?

On Youtube you may find some tutorials that assume you know how to play certain techniques. In this course I have structured everything so as not to skip over any details, particulary those which cause problems later.

 Can I follow this course if I'm a Total Beginner?

Yes absolutely, although you will have to learn some basic chord shapes before starting this course. I recommend using some free resources or scheduling a private lesson to get you started with the basics. Afterwards you can jump straight into the course material.

 I've been playing guitar for several months. How can this course help me?

If you are self-taught and have been playing for some time, I recommend going through the beginning and making sure you can play fluently the exercises presented. Afterwards you can progress to the higher numbered courses. Sometimes correcting small details can create a huge difference in your playing.

Brett has been a great guitar teacher, guiding me through new pieces and introducing me to the instrument. Thanks to him, I have learned many songs and become far more familiar with my guitar. Thanks!

 Rohan S.

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Most of this material would cost upwards of several hunded dollars for personal coaching.

Most online courses of this nature are offered at a higher price. I have seen courses like this run in the range of $199-$299.

If you were to hire a personal tutor to get training for the material in this class, the cost would be even higher. 

Today, I am giving you access to this high quality course at a fraction of the price.

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